A Postcard From: Jingling Li ’17

myxj_20160509114547_fastName: Jingling Li

Year: 2017

Major: Computer Science

Internship Placement: I will be working on a theoretical research at the University of Maryland this summer. It is a research to help me gain the experience of designing and improving algorithms. I really hope I could have solid exploration this summer.

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It is coming to an end of my summer research and so far, I think it is the best research experience I have ever had during my college life, which also opens a good end to the independent research I will be working on for my senior thesis.

Reading the paper

Reading the paper

I worked in a group of 4 people on scheduling problems such as concurrent open shop and coflow scheduling. This REU group has 16 students in total and 14 of us live in the same building, which provides us with many great opportunities to know about each other and do fun stuff together. There are two things that really surprised me this summer. One is that I happen to share a room with Teddy whom I have been a friend on Facebook and Renren (Chineses facebook) for around 4 years but never met or talked in person before, and the other is that these friends even prepared a cat birthday cake for my 21 birthday and I felt really moved. Beyond great personal communications, they are also very professional as research teammates and again I felt in love with teamwork.


Though it is time to say goodbye to my summer, I really enjoy everything happened this summer and best wishes to my roommate Teddy (will come to visit you at NYC)!

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