A Postcard From: Angela Motte ’17

img_4581Name: Angela Motte

Year: 2017

Major: History

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going!

I’m currently interning in the homicide division of the Palm Beach Office of the State Attorney. My department works exclusively with defendants who have been charged with murder. The cases are really interesting, and I appreciate the fact that in my position I am always thinking. I love the attorneys who I work under—they are amazing with reaching out to me to see if something that they are doing interests me.

How I heard about my internship:

I was originally following a murder case through the newspaper, and when the case was taken to court, I was able to see part of the trial. This experience really got me interested in this division specifically.

Why I applied for my internship:

I applied for my internship because I want to know if this is a field that I want to get into for a career. I think that at first the prospect of more time in academia intimidated me, but the more time I’m spending in the office, the more that I’m reassured that I have the skills needed to do this.