A Postcard From: Anisha BharathSingh ’17

12829416_10207061522190520_6653041781511077056_o (1)Name: Anisha BharathSingh

Year: 2017

Major: Economics

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going.

I am currently a Digital Marketing Intern at Voyager Med, which is an online healthcare marketplace startup located in NYC. As a Digital Marketing Intern, I have responsibilities such as creating content, both written and visual, for the Voyager Med website and Social Media platforms. Additionally, I analyze metrics to see what kinds of content are receiving the most interactions, and to figure out what our audience likes to see as a way to generate potential leads for the company. Beyond just acquiring potential customers, I focus on creating relationships via Social Media to spread awareness about different health conditions and treatments.

I am very interesting in doing Marketing after I graduate from Bryn Mawr, and doing a Digital Marketing internship is a great way to get experience in just one niche of the field. I applied for this internship specifically because I do care a lot about healthcare, and do feel that people should be provided with the best treatment options, and Voyager Med just makes that process so much easier for people all over the world. Additionally, interning at a startup allows me to get my ideas out there and to be a part of setting up a social media-marketing plan.