A Postcard From: Anna Ferlanti ’17

meName: Anna Ferlanti

Year: 2017

Major: Anthropology

What’s happening! We’d love to hear about how your internship is going.

This summer I have taken on an internship at Philadelphia FIGHT. FIGHT is a community health center and non-profit organization. One of FIGHT’s goals is to provide primary health care and many other resources to lower income members of the community as well as people living with HIV and people who are at high risk. The organization is very large but I have specifically been working with two sections. I have been interning at the AIDS library with the Prison Health News. Prison Health News is a newsletter published four times a year and provides health information for people who are in prison. I have also been working with the counseling and testing department, which provides rapid HIV testing, and education to members of the community. I have also been participating in the great events that the organization puts on during June for AIDS education month. Specifically I have been participating in HipHop4Philly whose goal is to encourage youth to take part in their health care by offering free HIV tests. Youth that are tested are given a ticket to a free hip-hop concert that the organization puts on.

Why I Applied for My Internship:

I applied for an internship at Philadelphia FIGHT because I had previously known about the organization and really liked everything that the organization works towards. So far, I have really enjoyed my internship and am very excited about what I have learned and how it is helping me decide how I want to continue my education.