A Postcard From: Assata Acey ’19

att00001Name: Assata Acey

Year: 2019

Major: Chemistry and Sociology

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going! It’s going quite alright. I have had the honor of assisting the chief digital and communications officer of the Supportive Housing Network of New York; I get to see an amazing individual up close and learn how to conduct interviews, manage a site, a whole new set of social skills; the lessons are endless. I also get to work on an individual project regarding staff resilience in the large scope of staff to tenant interactions. I’m in love with this scope of human service and I’ve fallen in love with the people I work with.


How I heard about my internship:

I knew I was going to work this summer, and I initially wanted to stay in the Philadelphia area. When I went to the Career and Professional Development office, I was informed about this internship featuring my boss, Sarah, and her slew of media-related summer projects. Given my limited experience in film/media, it seemed I would have to learn a lot, but I took the chance and applied through the lantern link site. Now I spend time with the Network and see its service to the chronically homeless, while helping with a microbiology documentary on antibiotics and microbes. It’s like it was tailored to me.


Why I applied for my internship:

I applied because it seemed interesting. I’m curious about service to others, but I was also curious about meeting a person who has such a spread of experience as Sarah. In my mind, locations were fluid and so long as I was employed, I could find the means. Once I saw how hard it would be to stay in New York, I was discouraged, but it got worked out. I’m thankful.