A Postcard From: Felix Qiang ’17

Name: Felix Qiang

Year: 2017

Major: Mathematics

Internship Placement: IceDog Games Inc.

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I am doing an internship in a startup mobile phone game company in Shanghai. They are currently in the stage of a new round of financing and I am doing some research about the venture capital firms in China. The group is pretty small and everyone is really smart as well as close.

This is the first time that I have been living in Shanghai. It is one of the most attractive city around the world. It is a city mixing with different cultures, countrywise as well as stylewise. Known as a financial and business capital, it also has a good atmosphere of art and architecture. I have been to a lot of exhibitions in various art galleries and all of which are ask really amazing.It is also a city that never sleeps. I can see people as well as city lights no matter how late it is. The city is always so busy and I really enjoyed staying here with its fast pace. I visited the recent opened Disney Land as well as Wai Tan and Dong Fang Ming Zhu. They are the must goes in the city. I walked around Wai Tan after dinner and enjoyed the summer breeze. I will look up to see Dong Fang Ming Zhu everytime I walked around Wai Tan. Also, a good thing about Shanghai is that even though it is one of the busiest city in the world, it is not as crowded as Beijing. I got some breathing space as well while I am enjoying the busy city.