A Postcard From: Jasmine A. Rangel ’17

12184977_1234063743277840_56187239605533953_oName: Jasmine A. Rangel

Year: 2017

Major: Chemistry

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going.

This summer I interned as a Breakthrough Houston teaching fellow. More specifically, I had the opportunity for 2 months to teach 8th grade Chemistry. This was my third year doing this program and every year I learn a bit more about the trade of teaching and also what other venues there are for having an impact in education.

Beyond the educational aspect I have learned how key trust is in a classroom. I have spent this summer not only pushing my own boundaries but also those of my students. Without earning their trust, I could have never asked them to do many of the things that they find challenging. I chose to return year after year to Breakthrough because the students remind me to continue to strive for classrooms that are welcoming and embrace challenges with a touch of grit and optimism.