A Postcard From: Kate Pellegrini ’17

screen_shot_20160603_at_11.21.33_pmName: Kate Pellegrini

Year: 2017

Major: Psychology

Internship Placement: Psychological Sciences at University of Portland, OR

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going.

This summer, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of bunkering down in Portland and taking on the role of research assistant to one of my all-time favorite professors, the incredible Louisa Egan-Brad, lately of Bryn Mawr College, but recently of University of Portland. Her specialty is in moral reasoning and questions of irrationality and decision-making. So naturally, I’ve spent the majority of my time playing with puppets and handing out Hershey’s kisses to strangers in farmer’s markets.

Though my research has not exactly followed the linear path of reading in the library and poring over Excel documents (which to be fair, I have done a lot of) I had anticipated, I couldn’t be happier with the experience overall. Working under the stellar authority of Louisa and gaining mentorship and guidance like none I’ve ever experienced before has been more than helpful in allowing me to see my future goals with newfound clarity and excitement. While I’m sorry to see the summer come to a close so soon (where did the time go?), I cannot wait to bring what I’ve learned back to Bryn Mawr and beyond.