A Postcard From: Sarah Green ’18

11811516_740745166051091_4972423412645550231_nName: Sarah Green

Year: 2018 at Haverford

Major: Sociology

Internship Placement: City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Summer.

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This summer I am interning with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, which is a Philadelphia­ based public art nonprofit organization working to create lasting social change through socially conscious artistic practice. My job mainly involves assistance with summer events, such as a symposium hosted by Moore College of Art & Design and Mural Arts called In/Out: Ethics, Attention, and Intention in Socially Engaged Art, and research for the planning phase of a public art festival slated for the Fall of 2017. I applied for this internship because, as a Sociology major and as an artist myself, I am fascinated by the intersection of sociology and art. I believe that art can be a powerful tool of social change. I hope to pursue a career in artistic social practice after graduating, focusing on its sociological applications and its role as a force of positive social transformation. This internship has really helped me navigate my interests in a productive way, and I have gained valuable insight into what my ideal career may be.