A Postcard From: Sophia Weinstein ’17

Name: Sophia Weinstein

Year: 2017

Major: Sociology, Minor: Education

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going!

This summer, I am an intern at Research For Action, a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia that conducts education research. I am on two projects – one qualitative, and one quantitative – so my work varies a lot throughout the week. I was an intern here during the spring semester as part of a Praxis Independent Study, so now I have the opportunity to continue my work on the qualitative project from the spring while also joining another project and learning more about quantitative research. For the qualitative project, I am helping to create memos based on data from interviews we conducted during the spring. For the quantitative project, I am being trained in STATA, a statistical data analysis software, and am also helping with data entry. There are 8 other interns this summer at RFA on a wide range of projects, so I get to hear about many different things that other people are doing as well.

My experience this summer so far has been really great! I am learning a lot and am working with awesome people. Also, I enjoy working in center city, right near City Hall. I often get to meet my dad for lunch, since he works in the same office building!