A Postcard From: Wenwen Ye

Name: Wenwen Ye

Year: 2017

Major: Economics & Math

What’s happening! We’d love to hear about how your internship is going.

This Summer, I am a research assistant for Professor Timothy Lambie-Hanson from Haverford College, conducting an economic theoretical research on the topic of Communication Game Theory. The general setting of Communication games is that both receivers and senders can only communicate using limited information, such as a limited number of words, to maximize their utility. Although we have not yet developed a complete theoretical framework, we have a few hypothesis based on our observations. Besides, I attend weekly economic seminars at Swarthmore and participate the Econ Journal club every Friday.

Why I applied for my internship:

I am currently studying Economics and particularly interested in Microeconomics. I plan to apply for Econ Ph.D programs after graduation. I chose to apply for this internship because I wanted more knowledge and experience with conducting an economic research from scratch. I wanted to know how to apply the concepts from introductory economic courses into a further research and to be more prepared for future study,