A Postcard From: Yan Liang ’17

img_3221Name: Yan Liang

Year: 2017

Major: Mathematics and Psychology

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going!

This summer, I interned at LRNG by Collective Shift located at Redwood City, CA. I worked as an UX designer & researcher interdepartmentally for the Product and the Learning, Design and Assessment (LDA) Departments. I was fortunate enough to observe and partake in some necessary steps a startup would need to go through to find its way out in the competitive market. I collaborated closely with designers and product managers and learned core skills that would make me a better practitioner in the industry.


How I heard about my internship:

I was interested in interning at a start-up size, educational nonprofit at the bay area. I did a bit research via Google and found LRNG. I was very interested in what LRNG was doing and would love to support LRNG’s work. I found a way to contact an employee at LRNG in March and asked him for opportunities. LinkedIn is a great tool for finding someone to communicate within a company.

Why I applied for my internship:

I would be graduating in 6 months at the time I applied this internship and my experience had been limited to research-based work. I wished to hone my design skills in this internship and to build my network at the bay area. I was also really interested in working in a startup. It was a unique and perfect opportunity that LRNG provided me. I was so grateful that Bryn Mawr funded me and supported my learning there.